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Tobi Titchener

Tobi Titchener

Medium, Inuitive, Soul Path Coach

Tobi Titchener is a Medium, Intuitive and Soul Path Coach. She uses a combination of all of her psychic senses to communicate with her Guides, your Guides and people who have crossed over. Her passion is helping people heal from grief, getting in touch with their own inner-Spirit and helping them to hear their own inner-guidance. She does readings out of her Littleton office. She teaches a variety of workshops and is available for individual appointments in-person or via phone, group session and parties, intuitive development, and private coaching at the individual or group level. Tobi has been reading professionally since 2002.

The Early Years…

Tobi experienced her psychic gifts from a very early age. As long as she can remember, she had an awareness of spirit and the other side. As a child, she saw and heard spirits and always had a lot of activity around her.

She received her first deck of tarot cards at the age of 11 and knew exactly how to use them without instruction. Throughout her teens and twenties she would be uncannily accurate at predicting people’s futures, but being a professional psychic never entered into her realm of possibilities.

College and her twenties took her in the direction of business. With a major in economics she pursued a career as a stock broker and market analyst. An illness that began shortly after her father passed in 1998 forced a retirement from her career. When Tobi was well enough again, she and her mother opened a metaphysical and spiritual shop in the old town area of Littleton, CO called Sage Moon LLC. Thus began the process of her opening up further as a channel and pursuing a career as a Medium and Intuitive.

Despite having a fabulous experience with the shop and the community, they decided to close the shop in 2007, so her mom could retire and Tobi could work as a Medium and Intuitive full-time. She does readings in-person in Littleton, Colorado, and phone sessions for clients outside Denver and the United States.

A Few Things About Tobi’s Gifts…

  1. I don’t hear ALL Spirits, (THANK HEAVEN’S)  I have gatekeeper Guides that decide who gets through and who doesn’t! (Also, my client’s Guides are a part of the decision process as well, but ultimately my Guides decide who gets through) If people knew how many Spirits there really are that are around, they would be amazed. I am thankful that I am unable to hear all of them.
  2. I used to see Spirits as a child, but as an adult I see them as orbs, or lights (sometimes colored). They mostly look like round orbs or gas fumes to me, but I do sometimes see auras and energy too, although not all the time and I have no control over it!
  3. I got my first deck of tarot cards at a very early age, (around 11 or 12) and I immediately took to them, I knew exactly what to do with them! I have used them off and on throughout the years, but stopped in 2006 when Spirit requested I did, because they were going to communicate in a different way with me, which turned out to be a very profound period of time for me!
  4. All of my psychic channels are available, but my Guides mostly use my Claircognizance (clear-knowing through my crown chakra), Clairaudience (hearing through my throat chakra), and Clairsentience (feeling through my solar plexus chakra). My third eye is available, and they use it from time to time, but I am not very visual and it is least used of all of my psychic channels.
  5. Psychic messages are usually more subtle than most people think! I pay very close attention, and am meant to because it is my path to do so. But I believe people get a lot of messages and just don’t realize the info is coming from Spirit because it sounds like it is our own voice in our head! I often can tell the difference between my own brain, my Guides, my Higher Self, and people that have crossed over, but if my Guides don’t want me to know the difference, I won’t be able to discern it.
  6. My favorite thing to experience in medium readings is validation! I love for people who have crossed to tell me very specific things so my clients know the info is really coming from their loved ones! I have been told what song was playing at a funeral (numerous times), what tattoo a person had (again numerous times), favorite past times, name of the street a person lived on, names of themselves or family members, how they died, where they died, the list goes on! I love to have very specific information from Spirit and it is my favorite part of my job. It is very special for people to hear from those they have lost, and I am blessed to be a part of the process!
  7. A lot of time when you are talking to me, so are a lot of other people! I have a very difficult time listening sometimes and especially when Spirit wants to come through! I have often said I have a full-blown case of Adult ADD! I really cannot focus well, but it is a side effect of being wired to work the way I do. My brain does not work like the “normal” person’s brain. I often say I have an external hard drive. When I forget things I ask, and the info is plunked into my brain! It is not at all the same as remembering something.
  8. I have always believed that we are multi-dimensional beings having a human experience. We are so much bigger than our ego personalities (I call it our chosen role). People get lost in the drama of their human ego, and forget about their true, infinite nature. One of my other favorite things to do is bring that energy to people. To remind them who they really are, on a soul level! And yes I do believe we are not the only beings in the Universe, not by a LONG shot!
  9. I have been told that on the other side I help people plan their journeys or their soul paths. It does not surprise me at all that this is something I do, because it is my favorite thing to do here as well! I love soul path coaching and bringing a person into alignment with their soul goals! I have the ability to look at a person and tell how they are wired, what chakras they are utilizing the most, a lot of what they came to learn, their strengths and challenges, etc… It is very rewarding work for me!

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