“When we help others succeed, we ourselves achieve far more, not less. It’s not faster alone; it’s better together.” Shawn Achor Big Potential

Join Tobi in this private Facebook Development Group with live weekly videos to help you take your psychic and mediumship skills to the next level!

This group will be intermediate to advanced topics, and will be heavy in mentoring you to help you achieve your personal and professional goals for your own personal development and psychic business. Tobi has over 15 years of experience reading professsionally and would love to help you succeed! (Email Tobi to be put on a list to know when the beginner’s group is starting!)

You will be able to ask Tobi questions live, connect with others focused on psychic development (for personal or professional growth), and share your own personal success stories! The live videos will be available to view later if you are unable to attend live! You will always be able to learn on your own schedule!

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! $99 a month introductory rate as a bonus for helping Tobi launch this labor of love! This gets you unlimited access to all the video teaches and the ability to interact, learn, grow, and connect with others in the group. You can also tailor the live videos with your own personal questions and areas of development you are interested in pursuing!

The rate will be increasing in the future, but as the first signups, you are locked in at $99 a month when you sign up, for as long as you stay in the program. If you cancel and come back into the program later you will pay the current higher rate.

You do not have to be a professional psychic medium to join this group, but understand that this is an intermediate to advanced group, so previous psychic development experience is necessary. Contact Tobi if you are interested in joining to see if it is a fit for you!

EARLY BIRD PRICING $99 per month. You may cancel at anytime through paypal. You will be paying 30 days in advance, so your access after cancellation will be dependent on timing of cancellation and pro-rated.

If you were not invited to join this group please contact Tobi prior to payment to make sure it’s a fit. Weekly live videos will usually be on Tuesday evenings, however that may change based on Tobi’s availability and what is a best fit for the group.