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About Medium Readings

Tobi’s goal with mediumship is to bring through validation and healing. Each reading is different, and Spirit knows what a person needs to hear for validation purposes and for healing from loss and grief. Validation is a very important part of the process for Tobi and it is extremely important for a medium to validate facts and details of loved ones that have passed. Spirit often shares details about themselves or loved ones living that there is no way for Tobi to have known. They validate things going on in the family to show that they haven’t missed anything and often mention upcoming events and milestones as well. Tobi recommends booking an hour if possible for this type of session. She is able to connect to your loved ones in spirit, in-person or over the phone. In-person sessions are recorded.

About Intuitive Readings

If you have questions about life decisions, relationships, career, health etc, an intuitive reading is your best choice. Tobi can often tune into your path, help you see the pro’s and con’s of choices or situations, and help you listen to your own intuition surrounding your decisions. Other information often available is what you are learning from your path or the situation in question, how to shift your energy or lift your vibration (even during your challenges), and possible and probable outcomes. Book time according to how many areas you are interested in focusing on. In-person sessions are recorded.

 About Soul Path Readings

Tobi is able to tune into your soul path, and bring through a variety of information relating to what your soul came to experience as a human. This type of reading is very beneficial for seekers, people interested in understanding their path and challenges, and what your chosen life themes are. This reading is often paired with an intuitive session.

About Soul Catalyst Session


Dive into deeper healing work with Tobi! One of Tobi’s gifts from a soul level is she is able to help people move from one level to the next! This session will help identify what your current blocks are to moving forward and help give you tools to work through that energy. Sometimes we cannot immediately shift from one place to another, but having a look at a road map helps us see where we have come from, where we are at, and the direction we are headed. If we are feeling stuck in a pattern, job or career, relationship etc…sometimes there is a reason we have not moved on. Tobi can often work with your soul contracts and Guides to see what the underlying story is, and get a glimpse of your map. This is a 90 minute session with a 30 min follow up, and can be in-person or via phone. In-person sessions are recorded.

Ensuring You Get The Most Out of Your Session

Come to your session with an open mind and open heart. Understand that while Spirit often answers most of your questions, they may not answer all of your questions. Everyone has expectations when they come to a session, but please trust Spirit in providing you with the information and validation you need to hear for where you are at on your path and for your highest good.

What's your question for Spirit?


By booking an appointment with Tobi you are agreeing to all of Tobi’s policies, please see them below.


Readings are not meant to replace proper medical, psychological, legal or other professional services.

Tobi is unable to make guarantees on who will come through in a session. It is very common for you to hear from the people you really are hoping to hear from, but understand Tobi cannot control this aspect of the work.

Tobi’s intention is to bring in guidance to help you on your life path towards joy and ease. You have free will and your choices are your responsibility regardless of the interpretation of information presented in a session. Tobi Titchener shall not be liable for any decisions, actions or non-actions taken by clients in regard to information presented in a session.

A recording of in-person appointments will be offered to clients. After your appointment an email containing your recording will be sent to you, this usually takes approximately a week. You may record phone appointments, but Tobi does not offer this service currently. Although this recording is to help you get the most from your appointment, your recording may only be used for private use and may not be published in any format without Tobi’s express written permission. The quality of the recording cannot be guaranteed, although most recordings are very good, with no problems.

In order to book with Tobi you must pre-pay your session. With sufficient notice, you are welcome to reschedule to the next available open time slot. If you are unable to give sufficient notice, no refund will be available. If you give sufficient notice and do not reschedule, your payment will be refunded in full. Tobi needs two days notice for rescheduling or cancellations.

Please be courteous and considerate, Tobi is often scheduled back-to-back. If you are late to your appointment, please note that your scheduled time will be diminished by the amount of time you are late, with no refund available. This is the case for phone appointments as well. All appointments are scheduled in Tobi’s local time zone-mountain time. If you miss your appointment due to time zone conversion error, please be advised no refund will be available, so if you have any conversion questions please contact Tobi or her assistant before your appointment to make sure!