Do you get a better reading in-person rather than via telephone?

There is no difference for Tobi in her connection with spirit, whether you are in the room or on the phone. If you are in town and prefer an in-person experience then book that session. Tobi works with people nationally and internationally via the telephone, it does not inhibit her connection in any way.


Can I ask my loved ones questions about my current life of family situations?

Yes of course! But understand that they may not always comment or your Guides may not let them tell you everything. I have found they often bring up a lot of the family situations (good and bad) without you even asking. However, I have also found spirit to be more neutral sometimes about our life lessons, path, and experiences than they were when they were on earth. But please feel free to ask and we will see what they say!


I have questions about specific areas in my life, i.e. career, relationship, health. which reading should I get?

If you have questions about life decisions, relationships, career, health etc, an intuitive reading is your best choice. Tobi can often tune into your path, help you see the pro’s and con’s of choices or situations, and help you listen to your own intuition surrounding your decisions. Other information often available is what you are learning from your path or the situation in question, how to shift your energy or lift your vibration (even during your challenges), and possible and probable outcomes. Book time according to how many areas you are interested in focusing on.

I am wanting to tune into my life's patterns and experiences, what I chose to learn in this lifetime, and my journey towards growth and fulfillment on a soul level; which type of reading should I get?

Tobi is able to tune into your soul path, and bring through a variety of information regarding what your soul came to experience as a human. This type of reading is very beneficial for seekers, people interested in understanding their path and subsequent challenges, and what their chosen life themes are. This reading is often paired with an intuitive session.



I would like to experience more than one of the types of readings Tobi offers, is that possible?

Absolutely! You need to book at least an hour for a combo session, a special 90 minute session is also available for a combo reading.