This story is shared with permission from the family.

Even though I work as a medium professionally, I am still always in awe of the messages spirit shares! Whether the messages are from mothers, fathers, children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, husbands, wives, etc., they always amaze me. But I do have a special place in my heart for bringing through children and letting their parents know they are ok (always better than ok truly)! I often find that no matter how old the child is, even if they are grown up children, the parents still feel a powerful need to take care of them and know that they are safe!

Q is a special little 5 year old girl in spirit who touched my heart recently. I originally connected with this little girl through her grandmother. It was one of those readings that I had to just give the information and trust, because her grandmother could not validate much of what the little girl gave me. Particularly two bits stood out, a stuffed bunny and a piggy bank. It turned out that the little girl was cremated with a stuffed bunny and her siblings had been fighting over her piggy bank.

When I did a reading for the mother, Q was an amazing communicator! She told her mom that she knew her brothers had moved into her room. She was very happy about it! That they had just gotten Girl Scout cookies delivered. Her mother had told the scouts all about Q!

She showed me airplanes, and her brother had been obsessing about airplanes that morning. It turned out that he was requesting a birthday party at the airport so he could meet a pilot–he’s seven!) 

Q communicated that her aunt had a crazy and seemingly impossible experience with a butterfly in winter–spirit loves to send us signs!

She told her mother she no longer was suffering with her mental and physical handicaps, and that she could eat whatever she wanted! This was great news because she had a feeding tube in life. Also, Q said that she could see without her glasses! She showed me her ears being pierced, and her mother always wanted to do that, but didn’t get a chance to.

She told me about a Florida trip they had talked about taking as a family and never gotten the chance to. She wanted them to go! She wanted to take that trip with them in spirit and would be without her wheelchair! She told me her brother just got a perfect score on his homework, and her sister is obsessed with lipgloss and princesses. She also showed me a wedding that just happened about a week before she passed. 

Most importantly Q told me she did what she came to do as a soul. She said that she had planned a short life to teach and experience unconditional love, and that her parents and siblings were the best and she loved them dearly. She told me it was a relief and release to be out of her body. I feel very blessed to have made Q’s acquaintance and to be able to connect her with her mother and loved ones. 

My work as a medium isn’t always easy, but it is rewarding beyond measure! Readings like the one with Q and her mother remind us of the blessings that spirit can give through messages and validation. Thank you, sweet Q!