Let me preface this testimony by telling you I have never met Tobi in person. She was a strong  recommendation from a friend.  I had a phone session with Tobi and we focused on relationships. Tobi did all the talking and I pretty much just listened. She and her spirit guides took me on a personal journey that has without a doubt shifted the way I will proceed with my relationships in the future. For example, Tobi was able to list out the men I was dating (even by ethnicity and profession) and told me details about the relationship that literally no one could know.  Most importantly she and her spirit guides gave me insight into each relationship and the path it would take – her guidance was 100% on point.

I was secretly hoping that my late grandmother would come though (did not mention this to Tobi) and indeed Grandma came through in the last 10 minutes of our session. I finally got the closure I needed.

Tobi has a very special gift and she thrives on sharing that gift with others. It’s obvious she is invested in taking the journey with you and she is genuinely fulfilled by helping others.

It was a pleasure to work with her. I’ll be scheduling my next session to discuss my professional trajectory.


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